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Who We Are

We are a youth Ten-Pin Bowling club that has both boy and girl members. Our members are aged between 6 and 21 years old.
We meet at 10am every Saturday morning at AMF Bowling Bury (The Rock, Bury, BL9 0JX) where we compete in league games, we also compete in countrywide tournaments.


We are a league that likes to compete with each other and with other youth bowling clubs around the country, but we also have fun!
Fun during our league matches, held each Saturday; fun in our non-league matches and fun at our Presentation Nights, held each year to celebrate each of our member’s achievements like highest game scratch, highest game handicap, most improved, league winners etc. All the instructors encourage all the bowlers, no matter how competent or new they are.

The instructors always strive toimprove all our bowlers in many attributes, including technique and strength, so the members can continue to improve and see their own achievements through higher scores, badges they can accumulate, to trophies and competitions. All our members encourage each other, even though they are playing to win trophies for the highest scoring team within the league. They also all encourage each other when we are at the competitions attended nationally, at other youth bowling clubs around the country.

Training Process

New bowlers start with a structured training session with one of our qualified instructors, this usually lasts for a period of 6 weeks depending on ability. Once you complete the training program you will automatically move into our bowling league. Our instructors are all highly trained, experienced bowlers and have achieved many levels of the BTBA/ETBF (British Tenpin Bowling Association/European Tenpin Bowling Federation) accredited coaching courses. All instructors, officials and helpers are CRB checked regularly.
We split the training into 3 sections:

    Train to bowl

During the first weeks with us we will train you to bowl, by selecting the right bowling ball for you and demonstrating the many different techniques available so you will soon be scoring higher than ever before.

    Train to compete

Competing in the league and tournaments not only requires that you can bowl well but that you work together as a team and are committed to helping each other. Being a good team member is the key to success with Manchester Lightning Team.

    Train to win

Once you have all these new skills, we all, as a team, want to win. If one team member succeeds, we all do. While playing in the Manchester Lightning League you will be part of our award scheme. These embroidered badges show your bowling successes as your scores get higher. Every year when our league comes to a close, we celebrate our achievements at a presentation night, with a disco and buffet and many trophies are awarded and we can all enjoy ourselves. As well as the league the team enters many tournaments which involves travelling to different parts of the UK to compete against other youth bowling teams.


During training there is a minimal cost of £2 per week, once in the league its £6 per week. The fees include an embroidered club polo shirt and their yearly membership to the BTBA, which allows bowlers to bowl in competitions and enter trials to bowl for their County and Crountry.

Our News

31st December 2016

Website Redesign

Weeks 11 and 12 are on the website. As you may see there has been a bit of a redesign on the site.
Change log:
1. Edited the navbar in to the Manchester Lightning Ybc colours.
2. Cleaned up the banners and moved the information around giving the site a dashboard style.
3. Reduced the results only showing 2016- 2017 results.
4. Cleaned up the contact us page, Made the information look nicer.
5. Made the gallery smaller so more can fit on and cleaned it up so you don’t see the dots anymore that covered the gallery.
Hope you all like the redesign.
From kane


Saturday YBC – Weeks 11 & 12

Weeks 11 and 12 are now on the site.